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Frequently Asked Questions

How often will we meet and for how long?

We will meet for 50 minute sessions once a week.

How long will counselling take?

It depends on you and your needs. To ensure that counselling is successful I suggest weekly sessions for four weeks, which allows us to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship. Then sessions may be spread out to every two weeks.

My client’s often voice a feeling of relief in being able to talk about their issue after a single session. However, the issues and concerns you bring may have been building up for months or years so counselling requires time to help.

What will happen in the initial appointment?

After you have made an appointment with me I will request that you attend the session 10 minutes before your allotted time so that you have time to read and sign the confidentiality forms. At the beginning of the session I will inquire if you have had previous counselling and review your experience with you, as this will help me in our session. It is normal to feel nervous or apprehensive in the first session, this usually disappears after 5- 10 minutes once you get settled into the session. We then will review the reason that you are accessing counselling and your expectations for change. From this will will develop your goals that we can use in later session to measure success.

How will I be able to measure the success of my counselling?

At our first session we will collaboratively define and develop specific goals for counselling and discuss what your expectations are for the sessions. These goals will be reviewed at each session as this will serve as a guide so we can measure your progress.

Are the sessions confidential?

At the beginning of our first session I will have you sign my confidentiality agreement that reassures you that everything that you share stays confidential.

However, as a Registered Clinical Counsellor I am required by law to report actual or suspected child abuse and by professional standards to do whatever is necessary to protect life when there is a clear and imminent danger to self or others.

Do I need medication?

You can consult with your Doctor, Midwife or Nurse Practioner to assess if an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication would be helpful. Medication relieves the symptoms but does not tackle the root cause of the problem. If you were recommended to start on medication, I have seen great success with the combination of both medication and psychotherapy.

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